Are Pomeranian Dogs Smart? Here Are Some Reasons Why This Dog Breed is Smart

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Are Pomeranian Dogs Smart? Here Are Some Reasons Why This Dog Breed is Smart

Pomeranians are very friendly and cute little pets to have around the house. From their ability to relate well with other pets to their fun and dynamic nature that livens the environment, this breed is a perfect one for all. However, are the Pomeranians smart?

Well, we’ll know as we go ahead in this article.

Known as a curious and friendly pet, it is very easy to forget how smart these dogs are. The Pomeranians are smart and intelligent pets to have around. This feature is evident in their ability to learn with ease. This breed is so smart that they are ranked the 28thsmartest dogs for working intelligence.

Despite this smartness, they can learn and solve problems that help them stand out. In this article, we'll take a look at how smart these dogs are.

How Smart is the Pomeranian Dog?

Although it is quite hard to measure a dog's smartness, we'll be looking at how they perform certain tasks. These performances will help you understand how well they perform in different areas of life.

Memory Capacity

Memory capacity for dogs goes beyond remembering some words. It goes as far as the dog's ability to remember objects they've seen before. The Pomeranian breed does this effectively.

This dog would remember you even if it's been separated from you for a very long time. These dogs get ecstatic when reunited with their owners. So, you can forget that myth of your dogs having low/short memory.

Language Comprehension

This here is one of the most important considerations for choosing a canine friend. For dogs living in a home with lots of communication, they can fully understand around 165 words.

The Pomeranian dog is categorized among the 28& of the smartest dog breeds, making it possible to comprehend beyond this word count. Breeds that fall in the category above are known to comprehend up to 250 words.

However, if your Pomeranian can confidently understand 165 words, that's already almost the same level of understanding of a two years old child.


When it comes to awareness, the Pomeranians perform well. This dog breed is very curious and so is aware of its surroundings. This is demonstrated when you take your Pom to walk to the dog park or a pet store (since they visit here a lot).

Another evidence is the understanding of objects they don't like. You might notice your dog run off when it sights a brush or is excited to get to his leash when it's time for a walk. It's all signs of intelligence and awareness.

Adaptive Intelligence

One of the most important aspects of testing a dog’s IQ is its Adaptive Intelligence. Is your dog able to learn from previous experiences? Can they solve problems by themselves?

According to most Pom owners, this breed of dog is a problem solver, and we agree. The Pomeranians have a unique interest in solving dog puzzles and portray a unique ability to adapt to new environments. These traits show us how adaptive Pomeranians can be.


So, we know the Pomeranians are very intelligent. How do you get the best from your Pomeranian Dog?


Tips to Help your Pom Dog Demonstrate Its Smartness

Now that you know that your Pomeranian dog is smart, how do you set the tone for demonstrating this smartness? Through learning.

The thing about dogs is that they all love to learn, especially the Pomeranian breed. A dog allowed to learn is often a lot happier, healthier, and more fun to have around. Thus, they become smarter.

Here are some tips to help train your pom dog & assist with demonstrating its smartness.

  • Spend more time in the part or areas of your home where they can do a log of investigating. You can later start hiding things to see if they can locate it through smell.
  • Play educational games to help your dog learn. Games like fetch help to achieve this while strengthening your Pomeranian.
  • Mind games are also important. Try games that involve hiding treats under cups to make your dog find it.
  • Teach your dog nonverbal cues like nods and shaking of the head. These skills help to keep your dog’s mind sharper.


Now, how do you deal with your smart Pomeranian pet?

Dealing with a Smart Pomeranian

Just as your Pomeranian Dog’s smartness is a bragging right, it also comes with much work. You would want to be in the know of your dog’s activities while engaging them in fun stuff to keep their minds open.

Smarter dogs are indeed very good at solving problems and so love dog puzzles. You should look to engage them in these activities as it doesn't just keep them smart but also keeps them busy.

By giving them such puzzles, you’re able to solve two problems, to keep them busy and to stimulate their mind, at a go.

But does their intelligence matter?

Does Pomeranian Intelligence Matter?

When pet owners are looking to get a dog or pet in the house, one of the features they often look out for is the smartness of their pet. However, this shouldn't be the case.

It would be best if you focused more on your compatibility with your pet. Thus, questions like, Does this dog suit my style of living? Does this dog's temperament & personality match mine?

The Pomeranians are very intelligent and active. However, considering their smartness as the only reason to make a purchase is wrong. Thus, we advise that you have the questions above in mind when making a purchase.

In Conclusion

Although the Pomeranian dogs are very smart pets, it is not enough to decide on this information alone. They also offer more traits like agility, fun, and great companionship.

Just like any other pet you could think of, these dogs have their pros and cons. Thus, we encourage you to check on other features of these cute little pets to see if they match your personality and plans.





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