Why Pomeranian Are the Worst Dogs?

Pomeranian dog 

Why Pomeranian Are the Worst Dogs?

Many people believe that Pomeranians are the worst dogs, and such people have their reasons. Pomeranian dogs are inquisitive by nature, cocky, commanding, and animated, to say the least. They are also vicious and spirited, bold, and brash. The dog wants to find out everything happening in its environment and tell you about it. 

Pomeranians are good alert dogs, but things can quickly get out of hand. The dog is not inclined to take orders for anyone who he sees as below himself in the scheme of things. You must not allow the dog to make the rules, or you will lose control over his behavior. Don't ever allow the dog to act possessive of his food or toys and try to control his barking from the get-go. 

If you don't want to deal with the following:

  • Fragile toy breeds
  • Suspicious happiness towards strangers
  • The mind of his own, and strong-willed
  • Content barking
  • Regular brushing and combing
  • Heavy shedding

A Pomeranian dog breed is not for you. Meanwhile, you can avoid some of Pomeranian dogs' negative behavioral attributes by going for an adult dog. In this post, we will explore some of the reasons why Pomeranians are the worst dogs. 


Reasons Why Pomeranian Are the Worst Dogs

  • Unstable temperament

Pomeranians are one of the popular dog breeds. The implication is that many irresponsible and unknowledgeable people breed them for financial gains. This has lead to the breeding of Poms with genetically bad temperaments. It is always advisable that you don't buy a Pomeranian puppy until you have seen both parents and they have great temperaments. 

Bad temperament makes most Pomeranian dogs difficult to live with. You will rarely have ample peace or rest in your house. If the dog is not at loggerheads with you, he will be challenging your visitor or family members. This is not something you wish to experience in your home. Unstable temperament is one of the significant reasons why Pomeranians are the worst dogs you can live with. If you want to adopt an adult breed, you need to carefully test the dog's temperament. 

  • The dog is too fragile.

Many people buy a toy breed puppy like Pomeranian without understanding how incredibly fragile the dog is. You can kill or seriously injure a Pomeranian puppy by sitting or stepping on it. Also, the dog can kill himself by leaping from your armor off the back of your sofa. Although it is fragile, the puppy doesn't care about himself as he jumps from one place to another, enjoying himself in your home. 

Owning a toy breed like Pomeranian requires constant supervision and surveillance of your small dog. This can take a lot of your time and energy. Pomeranian dog breeds don't make it any easier for owners. They are always running around or creating a scene. The dog rarely takes a rest and can be a menace in your home. 

  • They have a high level of suspiciousness. 

Most Pomeranian puppies are always suspicious of strangers, and this can be annoying and embarrassing too. Without enough socialization, your Pom's natural caution can become suspicious. This can be a nuisance to live with, especially when you have guests in your house. Their suspiciousness is one of the reasons Pomeranians are the worst dogs. 

You will have to constantly train your dog to not be suspicious of strangers at all times. This can be a huge task to undertake, especially when your Pomeranian puppy has a mind of his own. You will have to be extra thorough to get the dog to abandon its ways. 

  • Constant barking 

If you have stayed with Pomeranians in your home, they are often too quick to sound the alarm. They do this at every new sight or sound, and this can be pretty annoying, to say the least. With a Pomeranian puppy in the house, you will rarely have ample rest. If you are the kind that works all day and has close neighbors, Pomeranians will be a bad choice. Under no condition should you leave your Pomeranians outside your house without supervision. There are some Poms with high-pitch barks that can set your teeth on edge. This breed is a complete nuisance. 

  • Difficult to housebreak

Pomeranians are almost impossible to housebreak, and this is a big problem for owners. The dog can easily sneak behind a chair or under a small table, table to wreak havoc without being noticed. If you cannot see it, you won't be able to correct it, and the habit can become entrenched. To housebreak a Pom, you will have to engage in consistent and mandatory crate training. Your Pomeranian puppy should not be loosed in the house for months until they can control their small internal organs. 

  • Grooming their coat is a huge task.

To keep their coat in shape, you will have to engage in regular grooming, brushing, and combing. Occasional trimming is also necessary for your Pomeranian to look great. Pomeranians are one of the heaviest shedding toy breeds. 


Is Pomeranian Dangerous?

Generally, Pomeranians are not dangerous as a toy breed. However, they are heavy shedding dogs and can pose a huge threat to people with allergies. Aside from allergic reactions to their coat and their attitudinal issues, Pomeranians are a beauty. 



We may agree that Pomeranians are the worst dogs, but take nothing away from them. They are always a beauty to behold and can keep your environment lively at all times. It is a great alarm dog and can be an excellent companion if you don't mind the constant barking and disturbance. 


When going for a puppy dog, always choose the right breeder. No matter the breeder you bought your Pomeranian from, make out time to train your puppy. Without adequate training, you will not get the best out of this puppy. Teach the dog all the dos and don'ts in your house and ensure the dog understands every one of them. Feed your puppy well and ensure it gets the best medical care whenever the need arises. 






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