How much does a Yorkie puppy cost?

 Yorkshire terrier dog


How much does a Yorkie puppy cost?

Yorkies, despite their sizable body and aggressive personality, is a very popular choice among dog owners. The cute dog is often regarded as one of the best canine companions one could dream of. So, it is only proper to wonder how much it'll cost to get yourself a Yorkie Puppy.

This article is written to provide some information about Yorkie prices and what may affect their sales price to help solve this question. Before we get started, it is very important to understand a bit of the Yorkies' history and how they became what they are today.

Yorkies – The Early Story

A Yorkie is a combination of Terrier and Toy Dog. A journey that started as smallish terriers in Scotland, this dog breed was brought down to Yorkshire, England, miniaturized into today's true lapdog.

Although they are part of the Lapdog family, not all of them love to sleep on the lap all day. A clever and brave pet, this breed is also aggressive and energetic. Thus, they sometimes have little tolerance for other animals, whether big or small. We can summarize them as no-nonsense dogs.

Yorkies are a popular breed of dogs, and this is because of so many reasons. Thanks to its popularity among dog lovers, the price for Yorkies varies depending on several other reasons.

We'll take a look at these prices shortly. First off, let's look at some of the factors that may affect the pricing of Yorkies around you.

Factors That Affect Yorkies Pricing

Yorkies are dogs with a reputation for their unique combination of cuteness, small size, and great character. Its uniqueness and high demand make it a very expensive dog breed. This highly-priced pet goes for a price between $800 to $10,000 for a single pup.

Why is this so? Here are some factors affecting pricing.

The Yorkie’s Bloodline

This is the most important part people look out for when buying a Yorkie. It is important to know which breed of Yorkie you're buying – mixed or pure breed. However, it would be best if you were wary of some breeders who'll claim to be selling you a pure breed, thus selling you a puppy that's not pure breed at a higher price.

Yorkie pups that come from the lineage of American Kennel Club champions are often more expensive. The more trophies won in that lineage, the higher the price goes. Pups that fall within this category go up to $10,000.

Yorkie’s Health Condition

Just like buying any other dog breed, the health condition of the pup is very important. When looking to buy your Yorkie pup, you should be curious enough to ask about its medical condition. You can even go as far as asking to know its parents.

Health conditions are really important for Yorkies, especially because they have fragile bodies. Even the slightest health problem could be a huge one for your little pup. So, save yourself from such situations by making sure every piece of information is clearly stated out.

Some breeders are tricky. So, if you see any Yorkie that's claimed to come from a good lineage, has proper documentation, and comes at around $1,000, you should be careful. There must be something wrong somewhere; good Yorkie pups aren't that cheap.

Size & Appearance of The Yorkie

Another important factor that influences the price of a young Yorkie pup is their overall appearance. The smaller the Yorkie, the higher the price nowadays – thanks to the increase in demand.

In terms of appearance, the Yorkie’s coat also affects pricing. A standard Yorkie spots silky, glossy and fine coat. Anything less than these would most likely cost less. So, it depends on how much you’re willing to pay.

However, be careful about ending up with a teacup Yorkie. These types are often more attached to their mums, making them more expensive to care for.

Proper Documentation

Documentation is very important to dog sales. With proper documentation from the proper authorities, you can be sure of the bloodline, health condition, and other important information about the pup.

The information included in this document should include Puppy's Name, Kennel Number of the Dog, Name of Dog's Siblings, Name of the Breeder, Bloodline, and Health Condition.

The information above shows how important this document is to your purchase. So, you can understand how this document can affect the pricing of your pup. The breeder incurs some fees during registration for these documents and wants to make this money back.

Breeder’s Reputation

Reputation speaks volumes about a person. The reputation of a breeder directly speaks of the bloodline of their Yorkies. A good or trusted breeder can be easily found as they have been able to carry out several sales without any issues.

However, if there is little to no information about the breeder, you should be careful. Reputable breeders are more expensive since they thick every criterion we have highlighted above. So, dealing with one would do you a lot of good.

What is the Price for a Purebred Yorkie?

When looking to buy a purebred Yorkie with proper documentation (registered with the American Kennel Club), you should be ready to spare at least $1,500. Now, this might sound too expensive for a first-time buyer. The price is justifiable.

However, if you're okay with buying one without the required registration document, you would be forking out between $600 and $1,200.

It is also worthy to note that you might be seeing adverts for $400 to $500 Yorkies; please ignore them. Often, these dogs have one health issue or the other. But you could get lucky.

In Conclusion

Yorkies are quite expensive pets to have around. However, their cuteness and cuddly nature make them worth the purchase. So, if you're looking to buy one for yourself, you should have the tips mentioned above in mind as they play important roles in making the right purchase.

With the tips above, you can easily avoid buying from tricky Breeders while also buying a nice Yorkie pup you’ll love.





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