Is A Yorkie a Good Family Dog?

 Yorkie (Yorkshire terrier) dog


Is A Yorkie a Good Family Dog?

A top ten candidate for the American Kennel Club, Yorkshire Terriers (also known as Yorkie) is a very popular toy dog.  Offering a prominent character and personality in a small body frame, this dog breed is one of its species' cutest canines. However, is the Yorkie a good family dog? Let's find out.

When looking to know if the Yorkie breed is a good family dog for you, there is a need to look beyond its cute looks. There several considerations to keep in mind when making such decisions, like which dog suits you.

Thus, this article seeks to introduce you to the Yorkie dog while showing you some of the reasons we think they make a great family dog.

First off, what is a Yorkie?

The Yorkie Profile

A Yorkie is a combination of Terrier and Toy Dog. Starting as smallish terriers in Scotland, this dog breed was brought down to Yorkshire, England, miniaturized into the true lapdog they are today.

Although they are part of the Lapdog family, not all of them love to sleep on the lap all day. Some Yorkies act as the perfect cuddle bugs while others act as a mini terrier. Those who fall in the latter category often show instincts to chase off anything that moves or strangers with their sharp barks.

A clever and brave pet, this breed is also aggressive and energetic. Thus, they sometimes have little tolerance for other animals, whether big or small. We can summarize them as no-nonsense dogs.

Yorkies are a popular breed of dogs, and this is because of so many reasons. Let's take a look at some of these reasons.

7 Reasons Why Yorkie is a Good Family Dog

They Are Excellent Watch Dogs

When looking to buy a family dog, it's not just enough for them to be cute and friendly; they should be able to provide a bit of alertness too. So, when we say a Yorkie serves as a good watchdog, we are not talking about protection.

The Yorkshire Terriers are naturally protective and offer one of the sharpest barks around. However, it's there listening and awareness that stands out. This excellent watchdog is sharp enough to alert its owners of strangers' arrival thanks to its consistent barks.

Thus, you can be sure that no intruder can come around without contending with this dog.

They Are Devoted Companions

When buying a pet dog, one of the important features is how it relates to its owners. Although the Yorkies are initially bred to capture rats and mines, they are now popular for their loving and adorable traits.

Yorkies love physical contacts and are uniquely cute and affectionate, making them a perfect companion dog. Ranked 9th in the American Kennel Club’s annual ranking, Yorkies are loved for the loyalty they show to their human parents. They crave attention and would excel as the perfect companion dog for your family.

They Are Intelligent

While the Yorkies are not recognized for their intelligence, they are ranked average above other dogs in this department. Since they were bred as work dogs initially, this dog breed had to possess a good amount of intelligence to adopt such a learning experience.

Having a pet that can be easily trained is a plus to any family. Not only does this training result in easier communication, but it also aids Yorkie's adaptation to its new environment. Thus, this breed is a nice addition to any family.

Their Small Size is Also an Advantage

Although some dog owners complain about the Yorkie's small frame due to fragility, the size is advantageous. From easy carriage to less space consumption, this dog breed's size makes it an ideal family pet.

Thanks to their small nature, you can have your dog with you to several places where dogs are often not allowed. Their small body frame means they can be carried with you to the store and can sit in the airplane cabin.

So, the size is an advantage that makes it possible to carry them wherever you go.

Their Maintenance is Very Easy

One of the biggest worries for any pet owner is maintenance. Having to clean now and then can be tiring. However, since the Yorkie has hair and not fur, it sheds very little, and you don't have to worry about cleaning around the house.

This shedding frequency is made possible because Yorkies can grow their hair, unlike other dogs with short furs that often sheds quickly. Thus, you can be sure of a cleaner house and reduced cleaning/maintenance routine.

They Don't Require many exercises.

It's important to help your dogs exercise. This activity helps them to learn socialization, improve physical development, and release that excessive energy. However, it is true some dogs require this exercise more than others.

One of the few dogs that require less exercise is the Yorkie breed. For this breed, a short walk around the neighborhood is enough to meet their exercise requirements. This is a plus when you consider the dynamic nature of most homes nowadays. 

They Adapt Easily

We believe the Yorkie breed of dogs is a very good family dog because of their adaptive nature. Although their size makes it easy to provide them a living space, their intelligence makes this adaptation easy.

A Yorkie can be easily potty trained and find more than enough room to enjoy itself within your space. They are small, intelligent, portable, and very adaptive to new surroundings.

In Conclusion

If you're looking to buy a family dog and you're wondering if the Yorkie breed would be nice for you, you don't have to worry. Although they come in a small size, which is often seen as fragile, this dog breed is packed with several advantages that make them a good choice.

From cost efficiency and easy adaptation to new surroundings to provide true companionship, the Yorkie breed is intelligent and would serve as a good family dog.




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