Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As a long time breeder and dog lover I have a lot of useful advice I can offer my customers. Help with the care of the new pup, and later, training, house breaking, etc. I like to keep in touch with the new owners of my pups.

Yes. Your Teacup puppy will come with a complete health record of all the vaccinations and worming it has had. We normally give at least 2 shots, including one straight parvo shot, using Neopar,the best parvo vaccine available, and a combination shot. However, many vets recommend that a pup receive regular booster shots until at least 4 months of age, so you will need to continue the shots as recommended by your veterinarian, according to what problems are prevalent in your area. We also use a variety of different wormers to control this problem in pups, but please remember, this too is something that needs to be continued after you purchase your pup. Most of the wormers available only work on adult worms, and leave the larva to re-infest the dog, so frequent worming is very important to the health of your pet.

Yes. Just drop me a line and mention it and I can take care of it for you and send you all the paperwork to register your chip.

Yes, we use America’s Pet Registry or United All Breed Registry for our pups, as well as AKC.

Yes, we now use an excellent professional service to transport our pups Nationwide where our pups can get much better connections to make their trips to their new homes much less stressful. These folks do a great job of taking care of the pups while in transport, since they too are breeders and know all about the care required for my pups.

The airlines have a very good track record when it comes to taking care of pups. They ship hundreds of pups every week.

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